Top 10 Benefits of a Kids-Free Holiday

We recently had a few days away in Venice without the children and although I did really miss them, there are certainly some benefits of a kids-free holiday!  Here are my top ten…

  1. I got to read my book uninterrupted on the flight – no requests for food, entertainment or questions about how much further there is to go.
  2. We could get up when we wanted to, sleeping in until we woke up naturally, rather than to demands of going in the pool.
  3. With no children requiring a detailed, and full, itinerary for the day, we were free to meander at will, going with the flow and just taking it at our own leisurely pace.
  4. There was no-one requiring cajoling into walking just a bit further, finishing their main course so they can have ice-cream or bribing into being quiet and not running riot in the restaurant.
  5. We could walk past an ice-cream seller without fear of a request for yet another ice-cream and the resulting tantrum when said child is told no.
  6. We weren’t hindered by lots of steep steps, having to worry about a child falling into the canal or keeping children in the boat.
  7. An evening out didn’t have to end in time to get the children into bed so as to avoid a subsequent day of meltdowns.
  8. There were no meltdowns.
  9. We didn’t have to carry round spare clothes, snacks, drinks, suncream, hats or wipes.
  10. The hugs we got from the children when we got home.

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