And relax!

I'm sat in the hot sun by the pool at our rented villa in Florida. The kids are having fun in the pool and I only need to keep half an eye on them nowadays and so can still read my book or type this. We've had a lazy morning after a day out fishing and watching the sunset yesterday and are contemplating a trip to the beach this afternoon before having dinner out. All very chilled. Except I'm not quite as relaxed as I'd hoped. The last few stressful months at work are still taking their toll as my thoughts keep flitting back there. And I'm restless, thinking there is something I should or could be doing but not quite pinpointing what that is or summoning the energy to work it out.

The problem is I find it hard to just sit and do nothing, to simply lay back and soak up the sun. I'm like it at home but there I can always find something I should be doing – it's harder here when the one thing I am meant to be doing is relaxing!

I know I need to switch off from work completely but it's so hard to – probably not helped by me checking my emails each morning. But I'd rather know everything was in hand rather than worrying what might be going on.

This happens every year though – it always takes me a few days to completely relax. And not to feel so tired all the time – partly due to my body clock still being on UK time I think but also trying to catch up on all the sleep missed in recent weeks. I'm lucky to last much longer than the children in the evenings!

I will get there though as I always do. Eventually I'll think about work less often and happily lose myself in some trashy novel. Or just sit having a drink at the beach bar not thinking about anything other than which child is going to be the first one to 'accidentally' paddle too deep and get their shorts wet.

This is why two weeks is so much better than one. It gives me enough time to wind down and fully enjoy the holiday – and to actually stay awake long enough in the evening to enjoy some child-free time with my husband!

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