Confessions of a Self-Help Book Junkie

I have a confession. I am slightly addicted to self-help books.  There – I said it.  My Kindle is full of various self-help books, from those that are meant to make me the next Bill Gates to ones that promise a life brimming with happiness and fulfilment.

Some I have really enjoyed reading and even got so far as putting pen to paper (something they all insist you must do to be effective) and doing the exercises suggested.  Many have left me with a burning enthusiasm to get up an hour earlier to complete my “Miracle Morning” (as designed by Hal Elrod), to trick myself into making exercise and healthy a daily habit, rather than a chore, or to go about achieving the many goals I set myself at the start of each year in the guise of New Year’s resolutions.

But despite having read all these books, appreciated all the theories and joined the accompanying Facebook groups, I haven’t as yet found the one book that makes me stick with all the good intentions brought about by these books.

The Miracle Morning lasted about a week and although I did feel a benefit of having an extra hour in the day, the lure of an extra hour in bed proved too strong in the long-run.  And the healthy eating and exercise regimes usually only last until the next hangover!

There have been some benefits though from all this reading.  As a result of one book, I attempted to compile a list of 100 things I wanted to do in 2016 – from the smaller, random things like make bread, taking Sophie to a horse show and making something out of every Jamie Oliver book I own.  To the bigger things like go to Florida and Venice and eating in a Michelin star restaurant.  And although I am still a way off completing my list (and with 2016 fast running out, I am very unlikely to tick everything off), it has provided me with some impetus to do more of the things I enjoy.

I guess I just haven’t yet found the motivation trick that works for me.  Maybe I should doing something like Gretchen Rubin in her book The Happiness Project, in which Gretchen chronicles her experiments in her pursuit of happiness, but about motivation instead.  Not only might I finally find what works for me but I could tick a few more things off my list, like write a book!  Oh wait, look what I just found on Amazon – The Motivation Hacker in which Nick Winter does just that – looks like I’ve found my next book to read…..


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  1. Your post made me chuckle! I am guilty of spending so much time researching the way I should be doing things that I rarely have time to actually do them! A few years ago I received a number of those dreaded Christmas letters that people send, telling you how great their lives are! It occurred to me that I would have nothing to write in a letter! So the following year we made a plan to do enough things over the year to make a really great Christmas letter and that was fab motivation for me and I thoroughly enjoyed writing the letter and got some great feedback from friends too! Good luck with finishing your 2016 bucket list!

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