Walk All Over Cancer - Week 1 Update

So I’m a little over a week into my month long challenge to walk 10,000 steps a day and so far I’ve managed to hit my daily target – although it has been very close a few times!

The first day I was very good and got up early to walk the dog before going into the office. Which was all going swimmingly until the dog decided to go for a swim in the canal – twice!! So I came back with a stinky dog and a hoarse voice from shouting at him for the remainder of the walk to leave the ducks alone!!

I then went out in the evening to a friend’s for dinner with a little over 2,000 steps left to go.  After pacing around the kitchen a few times I decided I’d be fine by the time I walked home.  However, I lost track of time and didn’t leave until just before midnight but luckily managed to get the walk home in just in time and ended the day on 10,021 steps!

The next few days were easier as I was working from home and it was then the weekend. I haven’t as yet made it out for an early walk again, which has meant a few evening walks, and I am blaming having a cold for that (rather than my inability to drag myself out of bed).  I have found though that I have been out for a lot more walks than I would usually, purely to get my steps up – which the dogs in particular are loving!

My best day was Wednesday, my day off, when I hit 18,044 steps – this was mainly due to a trip into Birmingham and wandering around the shops.  I had also done a walk in the morning to get a head start on the day and I’m learning that it’s better to try and get a decent number of steps in early on so there’s less risk of the day getting in the way of hitting my target.

My worst day was Thursday, despite getting the train into work which meant a decent walk to and from the station at both ends.  I ended up walking around the bedroom waiting to hit that magic number – and ended the day on exactly 10,000 steps!  So it seems those days I am in the office I do need to get up early and do a walk in order to be sure of hitting my target.

So I have a nice little run of ten green stars in my FitBit app – something in itself that is very motivating as now I’ll be gutted if I miss a day and break the streak!

All in all, I am finding that having this goal is definitely motivating to me to walk more. And I think I am going to have to try harder to get up earlier and go for an early morning walk if I want to make sure I comfortably hit 10,000 steps every day, rather than getting there by the skin of my teeth!

If you’re also taking part in the challenge, how have you found your first week?

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