Finally a Boat Trip!

Each year we come to Florida I try and organise a boat trip for my husband to go fishing or, last year, swimming with sharks. However, so far it has always been cancelled because of the weather – apparently thunderstorms or even hurricanes don’t mix with fishing trips! So this year I was determined to make it happen and so booked one for early on in our trip so there was plenty of time to rearrange if weather stopped play once again!

This time though I opted for a family trip, having experimented with whether Josh would get on a boat on a recent trip to a boating lake back home! So all four of us got up early and headed to the local marina for an 8am departure. And, for once, the weather was on our side!

I opted for a shelling and fishing trip as Sophie loves collecting the shells and I thought three hours fishing may be a bit much. So we headed out on a little boat under the steer of Cap’n Jesse and headed to a sandbank only accessible by boat to look for sand dollars. And we were not disappointed as there were plenty to find and we even found a live one which doesn’t happen very often apparently.

We then moved onto a bigger sandbank to look for some shells and Jesse was great at explaining what they all were and being very enthusiastic about all the shells the kids found. We also saw various snails and even some slime that was actually a colony of tiny living creatures.


It was then time to fish. Now there is a slight running joke in the family about Daddy’s fishing capabilities – let’s just say we are yet to enjoy the fruits of his labour on the BBQ! So when he was the first to catch a fish it was somewhat of a relief! The fish he’d caught was a catfish and so unfortunately not edible but we did learn that they are covered in this venomous slime so know not to touch them if we ever catch another one.

Next was Sophie’s go and after only a couple of casts the rod starting twitching and it was clear she had something on the hook. As she struggled to reel it in we thought it must be pretty big and then out popped a shark! She had managed to catch a bonnethead shark, which slightly put Daddy’s catch in the shade.

Then it was Josh’s turn for a catch as he managed to reel in another catfish, much to his delight.


So although we still had no dinner, we did have some happy fishermen!

It was then time to head back and Josh’s favourite part of the trip as he got to drive the boat! Josh absolutely loved doing this and is desperate to go on another boat to do the same again. Sophie also got a turn driving and proved to be a much safer driver than Josh who was declared to be a crazy drunken sailor driver.

Driving the boat
Driving the boat
All in all we had a great trip out on the boat and I would definitely recommend Captain Jesse and Reel Kind Fishing if you are ever in the Marco Island area.

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